Write Brain (Read Only)


After the Great Collapse, the once chaotic tangle of hybridized beasts began to stabilize into more and more specialized pockets of similarly mutated creatures. Eventually, true distinctions between large species groups would appear and begin filling in long vacant ecological gaps. The onward march of evolution seemed to embrace the abundance of new materials from which to construct new organisms.


This piece has been a real joy to create. I accomplished all of my engineering and visual goals, all while starting with no initial concept or plan. Instead, I started from a few pieces that I bent and cut to be symmetrical and worked outward based on what I saw in the existing forms. All of the LEDs in this sculpture are fully replaceable. The back of the head comes apart in about five steps, with minimal tools required. A step forward for me in precise design based on random found parts.

Materials List:

  • Aves® ApoxieSculpt
  • Acrylic
  • Plexiglass
  • Printer parts
  • VCR parts
  • Security camera lenses
  • Projector lenses
  • Playstation3 parts
  • Motorcycle chains
  • Bike parts
  • Watch parts
  • Guitar and bass strings